Talvird Jackson IV (Tally)

Talvird Jackson IV is the Owner/Head Trainer of K9 Legend. Talvird has been referred to as Tally for over 10 years now, so if someone in the community recommended Tally to you, you have found the right website.

Tally studied and received his career diploma as a Dog Obedience Trainer/Instructor through Penn Foster Career School in 2011. Since completing the trainer’s program, he has made it a mission to continue to educate himself to better serve his clients.

Tally worked at PetSmart for a couple of years to gain more training experience. While at PetSmart, Tally was the head trainer and helped plenty of pet parents and their pets accomplish their training goals. After helping so many people and dogs with basic obedience Tally was ready to start helping owners that were not able to take training classes at PetSmart due to more specialized training needs.

After leaving PetSmart, Tally started working part time at Invisible Fence which is a company that created a pet containment system to protect family pets from the dangers that come from leaving home. While working at Invisible Fence, Tally trained the dogs to respect their boundaries. When he wasn’t working at Invisible Fence, he was performing in-home training (Basic obedience to aggression rehab). After being with Invisible Fence for a year the owner decided to sell the business leaving Tally without a part-time job which he truly came to love and look forward to providing the service to families.

In between part time jobs, Tally was able to perform a lot more of in home and on the go training until he got in part time job at the local Pet’s ER which is a fully equipped pet emergency facility serving the Lower Eastern Shore. While working at Pet’s ER Tally was hired as a Veterinary Technician and started learning the medical side of things for animals. During his time at Pet’s ER, he worked 6 p.m. to 12 a.m. giving himself time to train during the day. Later, Tally noticed that people wanted to train after 6 p.m. as well. Tally was offered space to have group classes at a local veterinary office located in Pocomoke City, Maryland called Layfield Veterinary Services on Thursday evenings. After a period of time of offering group classes at Layfield, Tally’s training clientele grew which kept him extremely busy after 6 p.m. so he notified Pet’s ER he would be taking a 9 to 5 technician position with another local veterinarian office.

The next chapter for Tally continued with him working part time at Animal Wellness Center of the Eastern Shore with the goal of offering training at the Wellness Center. Tally‘s main focus was to offer fitness training for dogs. In May 2017, Tally went to Chicago, Illinois to become certified as a K9 Fit Club Trainer. After becoming certified, Tally began to offer weight loss sessions while working as a technician at the vet along with other technician duties.

In April 2018, Tally decided it was time to open K9 Legends Training Center to get closer to his next training goals. Since 2018, Tally has offered more one on one, group, and on the go training with the mindset of creating scenario-based training for real life application to suit his clients lifestyle.


It has become a very clear fact that Tally is the Dog Trainer that other trainers recommend for dogs that show aggressive, reactive, fearful or anxious behavioral problems that have been unable to be addressed successfully elsewhere. He doesn’t just work to correct behavior problems, his goal is to prevent such from happening. Tally loves to be proactive instead of reactive so if you have a new puppy or dog, it is strongly suggested that you contact him today.

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