Dog Aggression is a very serious issue.

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It does not get better on its own. In fact, it usually escalates if left unattended. If your dog is giving you warning signals now, heed them and take action to make changes.

We understand that dog aggression is a highly stressful experience for both dog and owner. There are significant risks involved in dealing with an aggressive dog. We will consult with you on the full scope of these issues and be with you every step of the way.

Generally speaking, it may take weeks of intense training to begin to see new results for serious aggression issues.

Ongoing training, consistency, discipline and support by the owner is essential for the life of the dog. In some cases, a commitment to managing the environment is necessary.

Aggressive dog training programs include basic obedience skills, breed instincts, feeding protocols, relaxation techniques, and structured leadership as the foundation to gain trust and build a relationship with the dog. A balanced approach is critical to correct these serious and dangerous behavioral issues. This brings your dog back to a calmer state of mind, creating a happier and better socialized animal. When your dog begins to trust the handler and to learn new responses to life-experiences we can move forward to modify behavior.

In all cases, aggressive behaviors need to be addressed with consequences significant enough to become a deterrent, create a new response from the dog, and end the poor behaviors. It would be an incomplete solution to simply attempt to replace the behavior with one that earns reward.

It will be our goal to identify the cause of the aggression and work with your dog to gain trust, confidence and understanding of alternative ways to respond.

Before you make any decisions about your dog's future-- consult with a professional dog trainer.

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