K9 Legend is awesome ! I have a 1 year old mini dachshund . The first night of class she was very scared, I was in tears, but Tally remained calm, teaching me how to be also. He has taught us all, in what seems to be almost effortless on his part, moving from one lesson to another. He includes all dogs, engaging in some type of training, even when he is working with each of us individually. I highly recommend K9 Legend Tally. Minnie has become more manageable with behaviors, such as pulling when walking, barking at people, focusing on me when I need her attention. She has made friends with all the other dogs in her class. I have learned how to be a better pet owner. Thanks to Tally!

Janet Schultz

K9 Foundation Class

Tally is the most passionate dog trainer and most reliable person when it comes to taking the time out to train he is one of the best in the country in my book.

Alreise Walker

Tally came out to our Bark For Life Event in Wicomico Co and did some demonstrations for our participants. He kept their attention (both canine and human) and showed everyone some really great tips. He also answered any questions people had. I was very impressed with the way he handled his dogs and the ones he met that day. I also attended the North Worcester Bark For Life and Tally was great there too!

Debbie Marvel

Chairman Wicomico Co Bark For Life

Tally is very passionate and loves what he does very much, and it shows throughout his ability to work with dogs. He is truly amazing...

William Wroten

Happy client

Tally saved my Neptune's life, and he saved us the heartbreak of returning a difficult dog to the shelter due to unsafe behavior. Tally builds the confidence of dogs in such a way that they want to behave out of love and respect for him. Tally's heart is pure and kind, and his knowledge about the dogs is unsurpassed.

Lucretia Mahoney

business owner and doggie mom

Tally is simply the BEST!!! I wouldn't let anyone else train my dogs. He is kind, patient and very talented !!!

Jacque Fredricks

Happy client

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